We’re currently looking seriously at instigating an exciting accreditation scheme.

Which will recognise the achievements of our clients in reducing or eliminating net carbon emissions.

We’ll introduce this in collaboration with a partner organisation, such as a respected industry standard setting body.

It’s likely the scheme will recognise performance at two stages of a building’s lifecycle:

  • At practical completion. This one-off accolade would reward projects which are net zero carbon when a developer hands a building over to its occupants. It will confirm that the structure has been fully verified and any unavoidable embodied emissions have been completely offset.
  • In operation. This annual certification would reward buildings in service that had achieved net zero carbon throughout the year via any operational emissions being fully offset through an approved means. That would require clients to provide us with data covering matters including their total energy consumption and offsetting initiatives, such as the provision of photovoltaic arrays.

Watch this space for further details, which we’ll announce as soon as possible.