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Carbon Credits

A team of expert consultants who advise and provide vital practical help to construction industry companies with assessing their Net Zero Carbon capabilities and obtaining carbon credits, which offset the embodied and operational emissions their new or refurbished buildings produce. Our clients include a range of leading builders, developers and, increasingly, their supply chains, across all sectors of the construction industry.

Understanding emissions

Assessing your situation. We assist clients to analyse their net zero capabilities, providing three levels of assessment, covering corporate strategy, company footprinting, and project impacts.

Embodied emissions are those locked-in during the design and building process through, for example, the use of materials such as cement and steel.

Operational emissions are those generated during the use of a completed building. Sources of these include insulation, heating, power, lighting, ventilation, air conditioning, and other infrastructures, such as lifts and automatic doors.

We’re less focused on countering emissions produced at later stages of a building’s lifecycle, such as the disassembly and recycling phases.

Carbon Credits

We help clients to obtain carbon credits, which offset the embodied and operational emissions their new or refurbished buildings produce that cannot be managed away.

Each credit is essentially a permit authorising your building to emit a ton of carbon. This is because the price you pay for it nullifies the harmful effect by being invested in a project that delivers environmental benefits.

Obtaining the right carbon credits brings a range of potentially significant advantages to a construction sector organisation, not least because its activity in this field is fully visible to other people and organisations, including businesses.

Not all Carbon Credits are created equal

But the carbon credit market in the UK is still immature and largely unregulated. That means it contains numerous traps that can ensnare new entrants lacking essential experience and expertise. These can include obtaining poor value for money by buying the wrong credit or purchasing at the wrong time.

Save money and do the right thing

Green Box Thinking solves these problems, as we’re expert third-party validators and carbon brokers, making detailed assessments of client circumstances and needs, recommending the right number and type of carbon credits to offset unavoidable emissions exactly, and guiding organisations through the entire purchasing process.

Our service also includes recommending carbon reduction measures and innovative solutions that cut the financial commitment needed to achieve net zero.

If you’re familiar with the International Standards Organisation’s established procedures for conducting building life cycle assessments, our core expertise is in the phase from cradle to practical completion. That means our work covers emissions arising during stages such as the extraction, processing, and transportation to sites of materials used in construction projects, plus those generated during subsequent building work.

We’ve deliberately aligned our approach closely with the UK Green Building Council’s Framework Definition for Net Zero Carbon buildings. This is a widely recognised and implemented template, produced by probably the country’s most respected organisation in this field.

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